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The convergence of the physical and digital world.



Human Connection

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Our Story

WeDream is revolutionizing human experiences with immersive, accessible, and user-centric applications that empower individuals and drive positive change. Our unique tech stack unites Gaming, Education, and Media, catering to diverse markets.


Our vision integrates advanced social AR, AI, cloud computing, and data analytics, emphasizing collaboration, adaptability, and strategic thinking. Our Adaptive Modules Engine (AME) allows seamless adaptation to new applications and markets without compromising functionality or requiring costly rebuilds.


Our gaming modules deliver interactive social entertainment, while our education modules revolutionize learning with immersive experiences. Our media modules elevate storytelling and content engagement, providing unmatched value to fanbase and content creators.


WeDream's Adaptive Modules Engine keeps us at the cutting edge of trends, constantly enhancing our offerings.


Our passion for excellence, creativity, and innovation drives our mission to transform lives and shape the future of AR/VR applications across industries. WeDream is the convergence of the physical and digital world.

Areas of Focus:
Gaming, Education and Media

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Education: Empowering Learning through Immersive Experience

Augmented reality in the classroom

As tech based learning becomes an integral part of the future of education, WeDream's technology offers an unprecedented opportunity to make learning an immersive and tactile experience accessible on a global scale. The ability to use augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence amplifies the classroom curriculum and considerably improves learning outcomes without increased costs.


The WeDream tech stack is designed with education in mind. Teachers can utilize simple and engaging tools to stimulate hands-on learning bringing the value of real world experiences, global tutors, and interactive lesson plans into the classroom or remotely via augmented and virtual reality.

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