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WeDream Screencap - Game Experience

An entry point into Augmented Reality
with only the need of a Smart Phone

WeDream’s mission is to merge the physical world with the metaverse and to empower an eager community to engage and create in augmented reality.

From social hangouts, games, business collaboration, immersive performances and beyond, WeDream empowers dreamers with a set of innovative tools and infrastructure to utilize augmented reality however they see fit.

The User Experience

After customizing their avatar, Users start by either creating a new dream or joining a preexisting one within the WeDream platform. They are then linked to other users in the same virtual space and across the globe in a free, ticketed or subscription-based experience.

The smartphone controls the User’s avatar, linking their physical space and real world movement to the avatars movement in the shared experience. For example, if a User bows in real life, their avatar bows in virtual space. If a User jumps up and down their avatar jumps up and down.


The Creators Experience

Creators in WeDream can customize their surroundings using the World Builder. Load in environments, interactive game components, and other objects to customize and create the space you want. Creators can also develop and design new objects and interactions using the Workbench and then sell these items to other Users on the WeDream Marketplace

An Open Market Creators Economy

The WeDream marketplace of digital goods and services puts the power and opportunity of this new and limitless economy back in the hands of the masses.

WeDream provides the infrastructure. Creators can make and sell unique gadgets, environments, and interactions. Users can experience a new world in augmented reality.

The Founders Pass NFT Collection

Coming early Q2 - 2022

1% Ownership in the Company

By acquiring a Founders Pass you will also gain ownership in WeDream allowing you to participate in revenue share and distributions of the Company. More information will be released soon.

Early Platform Access & Unique Item Drops

Be among the first people to test our Alpha, receive unique item drops & participate in feedback sessions that will help shape the future of the WeDream platform.

Real World Founders

Claim real world exclusive founders merchandise to show off your involvement in the platform from day 1.

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The Team

Founded by entrepreneurs who were craving the collaborative and social elements of a productive office space or a game night with friends, WeDream brings people together in a time where “together” seems more difficult than usual.

Andrew Zeneski
Chief Technology Officer

A creative technologist with extensive experience in digital marketplaces and enterprise software

AOL, Chicos FAS, Apache OFBiz

Peter Calfee
Chief Operating Officer
and President

Technology entrepreneur focused on finance, legal and operational systems and efficiencies

Gofire Inc, Keneh Ventures, Cannabition

Dylan Nelson
Chief Marketing Officer

A pioneer in the NFT space with a knack for building engaged communities and collective culture

TheWhiteList, B2BM

Gabe Darling
SVP Creative Development

A multidisciplinary creative director and technologist focused on the future of interactive media

Radical Media, Sibling Rivalry

Mike Zemek
Mike Zemek
Lead Developer

An AR/VR pioneer with twenty years of commercial programming experience, committed builder of games

Conde Nast, Dominos, Navman

Ali Raza

A rare developer with extensive experience in large scale stable UI systems

WebFoot Studios, Vigilante Games

Benjamin Kohl
Creative Direction /
NFT Advisor

After serving big clients in the Branding and Design industry for over 12 years, now advising/creating NFT Projects

TheDrops, TheWhitelist

Michael Flom
Media and Content

A music maven engrained in the media industry with an eye for new talent acquisition and artist discovery

Lava Records

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